Like life, confirmation process unfair

SAN DIEGO — Let’s be fair. The last thing the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process has been about over the past week is fairness.

The process has been dark, dirty and dysfunctional. Worst of all, it has also been profoundly unfair — and to more than one person.

A lot of folks have..

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A crusade against diversity

I’m not one to back down from a challenge from the likes of Tucker Carlson.
The Southern native has spent much of his life on the East Coast, most of all Washington, D.C. I’ve known him for 20 years, since he wore a bow tie and was considered a moderate who supported immigration and had..

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Slow #MeToo down: Julie Chen Moonves isn’t accountable for her husband

Women have pressured Julie Chen Moonves over her husband, but she didn’t do anything wrong. When did we start punishing women for their husbands?

Time to set some boundaries.
Public figures are not public property. And while they live their lives in the public eye, there are still..

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If you’re innocent, Judge Kavanaugh, it’s time for you to holler

SAN DIEGO – And to think, up until last week, I would have said that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was painfully boring with a confirmation process to match.

What do I know? Scandals are never boring. Still, as a proud American who hates to see our institutions sullied, give me..

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Educational competition

Back to school time. And for today’s parents, that means facing more choices than a Las Vegas buffet.
I know this menu. My wife and I have loaded up our plates with a sample of everything.
By contrast, I can’t help but think back to how simple things must have been for my parents’..

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When the search for your father turns into a treasure map

My dear reader, let me tell you something you probably already know: Practice does not always make perfect. Many journalists write for a living, but that doesn’t mean all journalists are good writers.

Some are good reporters. Some are good observers. Some have a good handle on people…

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The media writes its own obituary

SAN DIEGO — It used to be the media would fact-check a story. Now, many people feel they need to fact-check the media.

That’s not a bad idea. In the Trump era, much of the media — a vast landscape of newspapers, broadcast networks, talk radio, news sites, social media and more — didn’t..

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The dignity of work

Human beings are a work in progress. Some of us can be petty, even mean, to those who we consider beneath us.
It goes without saying that we ought to be kind to everyone no matter how much money they have or what they do for a living.
Sadly, it needs saying.
We also need to say a..

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For many, time is money — but does that include farmworkers?

Before we rush off to work, let’s pause for a moment and think about how much some Americans earn per hour.
In a recent Labor Day column about the declining American work ethic, I wrote: “Today, in the agricultural hub of Central California, farmers tell me they’re paying $30 per hour..

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