Our need to ‘share’ too much created monster called Facebook

SAN DIEGO — At the risk of being “unfriended” by members of Congress, there was a lot not to “Like” about the legislative branch’s assault this week on a certain social media site.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sat for hours over two days in separate hearings..

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Young immigrants see DREAM killed by politics

SAN DIEGO — How’s this for a whodunnit: Who really killed the deal to save Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — President Trump or congressional Democrats?

The question isn’t simply, “Who killed DACA?” We know the answer to that. It was Trump who nixed..

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The rise and fall — and resurrection — of Tavis Smiley

SAN DIEGO — Many Americans born after the 1960s and the dawn of affirmative action seem to think that if you’re a person of color with even an ounce of smarts and a smidgeon of talent, all doors will magically fling open.

But reality is more complicated.

Consider the rise..

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Ingraham tweets herself into trouble by attacking teen

SAN DIEGO — Conservatives like to preach that people should take responsibility for their actions and not play the victim.

Thus, it is not a good look when they themselves refuse to take responsibility for their actions and instead play the victim.

The latest right-wing victim..

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Trump’s beliefs often mirror Cesar Chavez’s

SAN DIEGO — Mexican-Americans are doing a stint in our own version of purgatory. It’s called the Trump Era.

After all, Donald Trump’s ascension into the world of politics — his campaign, election and presidency — has been filled with mean-spirited insults toward..

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Bullying of Oakland mayor proves that politics pollutes truth

The three amigos of immigration enforcement — President Donald Trump, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan — are shamelessly vilifying Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf.

That’s odd. These bullies usually only terrorize..

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America’s war on competition takes a toll

SAN DIEGO — Let me put in a good word for a concept that, in America, used to be seen as something positive that made everything better but which is now on the outs.

It’s a quaint notion called competition.

And, in the Trump era — where everyday Americans who supposedly didn’t..

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These immigrants broke the rules, but their tragedy breaks our hearts

SAN DIEGO — Picking fruit and vegetables is a crummy job that Americans aren’t exactly eager to do. Not at any wage.

Yet recently, in a tragedy set against the backdrop of the lush farmland of Central California, a husband and wife were on their way to do a couple of those crummy..

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Trump’s wall is a 12th-century solution to 21st-century problem

SAN DIEGO — President Trump only spent about three hours in America’s Finest City last week.

It was barely enough time to get a cup of coffee. Or — since San Diego was founded by the Spanish in 1769, and today hums along due in large part to the productivity of Mexicans and..

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The Irish were the original bad hombres

Around this time of year, I remember to pour myself a wee bit of whiskey, listen to “Danny Boy” and pay my respects to one of my favorite tribes of rowdies and rogues.

They were the O.B.H. The Original Bad Hombres. Catholic immigrants, they came to these shores as throwaways from..

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