10 things to know about the migrant caravan

Here are a few things to keep in mind as we await the arrival of a much-publicized caravan of several thousand Central Americans at the U.S.-Mexico border.

The group is a hodgepodge. There are refugees fleeing violence, economic migrants looking for jobs, deported immigrants trying to return,..

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Identity issues and the Texas Senate race

SAN DIEGO – Once again, the eyes of the nation are upon Texas. This time, our gaze is fixed on a bizarre Senate race where neither of the candidates appears comfortable enough in his own skin to go by his given name.
Republican incumbent Rafael Cruz prefers to go by “Ted,” while the Democratic..

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Team effort in education

Lately, I’ve been asked more than once to share my insights about how to reach and teach Latino students and ensure that America’s largest minority fulfils its academic potential.
The question is urgent because of math. Latinos account for 25 percent of the average kindergarten class, just..

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NO SPIN NEWS: Why the Migrant Caravan Could be Bad for Trump

Syndicated columnist and host of “Navarrette Nation”, Ruben Navarrette is on the No Spin News to explain his newly released column on the mass migrant caravan that is headed to the United States. The main point of Mr. Navarrette’s column is that this caravan could be bad news for..

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What the public wants

As you may have noticed, President Trump and the media are at war. And, as a result, Americans have been getting an up-close look at the dysfunctional but co-dependent relationship between journalists and politicians. And it’s scary.
These two tribes need each other. We feed each other. We..

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Latinos are waking up to the duplicity of the Democrats

With a little more than a week left until the midterm elections, Democrats appear to be snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The matchups were theirs to lose, and they seem poised to underperform in a bunch of them.
A reader recently asked me: “I don’t understand why Latinos are not..

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Defining ‘American’ from the outside

They say that youth is wasted on the young. So too is U.S. citizenship wasted on native-born Americans.
People like me, born on third base when I was born in a hospital in Fresno, California, in May 1967. I hit the lottery when, through no effort of mine, I was born a U.S. citizen. That designation..

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With sexual assault, should we always ‘believe the woman’?

The “woke” have become a joke. The Left is devouring itself.

It happened when #MeToo collided with #BlackLivesMatter.

The collision of hashtags — which was caught on video and has now been viewed by more than 6 million people — occurred on a street corner in Brooklyn, New York,..

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Our undocumented immigrants make America a better place

I’ve come to know Jose Antonio Vargas as a good man and a fine writer who provides — in various media — an essential voice in the immigration debate.

That beats the caricature of Vargas drawn by right-wing nativists as “the most famous illegal in America.”

These are the kind..

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What the Kavanaugh fight forgot

One thing that was missing from the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings was something that is tough to find on the Potomac: ol’ fashioned common sense.
For instance, as someone who watched most of the hearings, I don’t think I ever heard any member of the Senate Judiciary Committee..

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