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4/23 syndicated column — Et tu, Henry? Cisneros shills for Obama on deportations

23rd April 2014

It’s never fun when there’s a fight within the family. But you count on the #1 Latino columnist in America to catch it when it happens, and put it in the paper with provocative prose. No bullshit, and no sacred cows.

As I said, this job is tough on friendships if you do it right. But sometimes even your friends deserve a slap upside the head. Today’s syndicated column slaps an old friend.

Given the mishmash that Obama has made of his unprecedentedly cruel and self-serving deportation policy, you would have to be either a fool or a partisan hack and shill for the administration to back that play.

Henry Cisneros is no fool. So what does that leave?

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4/20 syndicated column — Jeb Bush’s “act of love” comment worth commending

20th April 2014

Today’s syndicated column praises Jeb Bush for his compassionate stance on immigration and attacks his Republican critics, who don’t know what the hell they’re talking about.

This is how you get in trouble in today’s GOP? Not by advocating that people shoot illegal immigrants at the border but by saying that those who cross a border to support their families are committing an “act of love?”

When I beat up on Democrats, people say I’m a Republican. So today, now that I’m beating up Republicans, I guess that means I’m a Democrat.

How about this? Don’t worry about what to call me — and instead embrace the concept that both parties deserve the occasional beating.

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4/17 CNN.COM — racism not just a GOP problem

20th April 2014

Today’s column for CNN.COM gives it to you straight. Listen, listen, listen! The most important color line in America in 2014 isn’t blue and red. It’s brown and white. There have been many a time that a liberal Democrat has told me to “go back to Mexico” because I strayed off script.

Democrats love poking at the GOP for its racism, and it’s often well deserved. No argument here. But, when it comes to immigration, I’m not about to take the bait and let the Democratic Party off the hook for the damage it has done.

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4/16 syndicated column — “boat parents” should set sail for reality

16th April 2014

Today’s syndicated column is a wakeup call to all those parents who aren’t fit for the job and should have their license revoked. Let’s start with the “boat parents” — Eric and Charlotte Kaufman, formerly of San Diego and now living in Mexico, who didn’t think the minor inconvenience of their 1 year-old daughter having salmonella poisoning and a respiratory infection should interfere with their planned sailing trip around the world. Naturally, they took the little girl, and her 3 year-old daughter along with them. I mean, what could go wrong?

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4/13 syndicated column — beware the “e-word”

13th April 2014

Today’s syndicated column offers — with the help of a few accomplished women, acting as sources — a unique take on the dust-up between Sen. Dianne Feinstein of CA and the CIA, over the “e-word.”

I couldn’t see the whole picture, so I went to those who could — and asked them to describe it to me.

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4/9 syndicated column — Going crazy over immigration reform

9th April 2014

It turns out that most of the 2 million deportees removed in the last five years were not really “deported.” Nutty Republicans have been saying that for months. And now the line is being picked up by cynical Democrats, and their pals in the media, who would dearly love to whitewash President Obama’s dishonest and heartless record on immigration enforcement.

Every time I hear immigration reform advocates holding out hope that Obama will issue this executive order or that executive order, I feel bad. These people don’t understand the game, let alone its objective. The only thing that Obama-nistas are strategizing about in the White House is how to duck the blame for everything they’ve done wrong by deflecting, deceiving, and denying.

Today’s syndicated column refuses to take the bait.

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4/7 CNN.COM — California goes Hispanic!

8th April 2014

Today’s offering to CNN.COM notes the arrival of a significant (and to some, frightening) milestone — California’s new Hispanic plurality.

What’s changed. What will soon change. And what has not changed — and probably never will change.

Some good stuff here. Enjoy.

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4/6 syndicated column — TX’s Dan Patrick turning state blue, to the detriment of ….everyone

6th April 2014

Today’s syndicated column fires off a second round at Texas Republican lieutenant gubernatorial candidate Dan Patrick, this time looking at what the future might bring — if Patrick, and his opportunistic anti-immigrant fear mongering, carries the day and he ascends up the ladder in the Lone Star State.

If that happens, there will be other winners: Democrats, because Patrick’s politics will alienate Hispanics and send them into the waiting arms of the Democratic Party, where they’ll be neglected, abused, sold out and taken for granted. So that’ll be fun. The losers will include Hispanics, who will emerge from all this with less political power than they had before they signed on to the Democratic monopoly in response to GOP ugliness, and the GOP who won’t be able to win a spelling bee.

Wanna see the future of Texas politics? Look at California. It’s not pretty.

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4/2 syndicated column — when Latinos “uninvite”

2nd April 2014

Today’s syndicated column settles some old accounts, and some new ones. In the Latino community, it’s nice to be invited to things. But you’re no one until you’ve been “uninvited.”

Ask Gilbert Padilla, co-founder of the United Farm Workers, truth teller, dissident, and pariah.

Sounds like someone else we know.

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3/30 syndicated column — The Keys to Mega-Success

30th March 2014

Google isn’t interested in hiring perfectionists who never make mistakes. It wants folks with “intellectual humility,” who know how to learn from their mistakes. Good for Google. This approach is brilliant. They’re really on to something. Here’s what else you need to make it in a competitive job market, courtesy of today’s syndicated column.

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